Celebrities Who Do Not Back Up Against World Leaders




  1. being against to a view, action, attitude etc.
  2. group of people who have opposite view, opposite attitude.

This is what this word means. It is seen in everyone who are unsatisfied with certain things. It is a way to raise your voice. We can see this in artists, sports players who are more than physical bodies, television announcers, authors and musicians.  Because you somehow need to express your anger. Anger, reaction or riot are not subjective, they are for the people. But opposition is generally made by individuals who love their country and people. Standing against the people they oppose instead of earning money from that person they oppose is all about love.

There have been different individuals who opposed leader throughout the history. They talked against those leaders in their own domain not in court. Who are they? For example:

Clint Eastwood

Our lonely and handsome cowboy never supported Barack Obama and he emphasised his view. He said, “President Obama is the greatest deception for American people”. He always rejected invitations of Obama to win him.

Alyysa Milano makes Donal Duck who says, “There is no such thing!” to comprehend sexual harassment.

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky supported Republicans in 2008 elections. He used, “a puppet from higher nations” phrase to criticise Obama. He never shook his hand if he is not forced to do so.

Gerard Depardieu

He does not care about money and he was chastised in our country. He said tax system in France was an obvious exploitation, it is against human rights and he would give up being French citizen. No one tried to dismiss him or welcomed him. Because this was his natural right as a citizen.

LeBron James

King after MJ, LeBron James said in an interview that Donald Trump has polarising politics and this legitimised racism. Then, Donald Duck tweeted, “Interviewer was so stupid that he made LeBron look smart”. Melania Trump tweeted to tone down or to show she doesn’t care about her husband, “I think LeBron James is a good guy, he is making schools and I will visit all of them”. In the following rounds, LeBron James didn’t go to White House invitation that was made to his team. At the final, we saw the king. Michael Jordan was involved and said, “He (Trump) is dividing us and for the last couples of months, I realise that he is using sports to seclude people and I can’t be part of that. Because I was together with a white person for the first time when I was doing sports.”

Brigette Bardot

After Emmanuel Macron insistently considered and approved animal sales/trade/hunting/murder in the parliament, beautiful Brigitte Bardot was straight. Actress was among the activists in #MeToo movement and said, “coldness of his steel blue eyes show the lack of empathy against the pain of animals”. She further said, “Don’t vote for Macron!”.

JK Rowling

Author Rowling who spend her life to explain people should avoid evil, different colours and nations did not meant different things, people should avoid oppress each other and evil will drag evil is also a strong Trump opponent. She was threatened by Trump supported in the US that they will no longer buy the stories she tells and writes. Rowling did not care this. Harry Potter will always be against tyrant and fascism. She said, “Trump is worse than Voldemort. If I wrote Voldemort know, I would be forced to create a worse character due to Trump”.

Michael Moore

Documentary filmed by Michael Moore referring to famous Fahrenheit 451 of Ray Bradbury, he regard administration of Bush Jr as dystopia. This documentary claims that Bush is in close relation with the family of Usama bin Ladin and his before/after 9/11 policies are strongly criticised. Although it is hard, this film is screened in the US and no one takes Michael Moore from home.

Lady Gaga

2018 Superbowl event was a protest against Trump. One of the memorable moment was This Land is Your Land song by Lady Gaga. This song belongs to Woody Guthrie. He is one of the most important composers that Bob Dylan was inspired. This song was written as a reaction to Berlin Wall. This performance reacts to the wall Trump wants to build on Mexican border. Lyrics of this song matches this thing, “There was wall in front of me that tried to stop me”.

Jimmy Fallon

This gentlemen loves political jokes in his skits, improvised jokes. He says what he wants to say without getting involved too much and without going too deep. Naturally, he also opposed Donald Trump. Trump tweeted, “Be a man” on Twitter since he is an influencer with a wig and country.   We are not sure if this a result of shisha session with Arda Turan. Jimmy Fallon took the most rational stance and refused to take a step back by saying, “Don’t you have better things to do? Like running a country, you are the presidents!”.

Chris Evans

Captain America never forgives. Chris Evans got carried away after a press release by Trump and Putin and he opposed Donald Duck.

“I don’t know what to say. Today was a complete disaster. Donald Trump, this coward, this moron puppet brought shame on America and he should be ashamed of this! Ignoring Russian intervention to our democracy for political well-being of Trump is a great shame for everyone. I was completely disappointed.”

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro was on stage in Tony Awards and thanks to his attitude, we have faith in old generation. First, he forbid Donald Trump to enter his chain of restaurants and he dropped the bomb onstage in Tony Awards, one of the most prestigious theatre awards of the world. He stepped on the stage and said, “I will only say one thing”, and this was “Fuck” “Trump!”. He said, “Fuck Trump!”.


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