What Happens When You Super Like on Tinder?

Tinder is the jungle of dating. There are different profiles and different people. So, this means you need will have tons of options to choose from. All that swiping left and right are to find the perfect match for you. If you believe that you have found your perfect match, there is a way of showing this: super like. When you super like someone, you tell them that you really liked their profile. But you need to get ready to what will happen after super liking someone.

Steps After Super Like

When you super like someone on Tinder, a couple of things are waiting for you. First, the person you like will get a notification. In this notification, you profile will have a blue star that looks like moving. This is the sign that you super likes other person.

Next, it is up to that person you super likes. He/she can swipe left or right. If he/she swipes left, this means he/she didn’t like you. And you need to move on and find other matches. If he/she swipes right, this means he/she liked you. So, you will get a messaging window. What will you do next?

What Should You Do When You Get a Match on Tinder?

When you get a match and start talking, always be yourself. Don’t try to deceive the person you are talking to. If you really be yourself, your chances to get a date will increase. Also, when it comes to women, they get tons of matches every day.

So, you need to be creative with your opening line. An attractive first message will increase your chances to get a date. You can use jokes or memes to attack attention. Also, you can use puns with his/her name. This is a good way to start a conversation. After starting the conversation, try keeping things cool and just have fun.



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