Things You Can Say During Sex and a Funeral

You probably said what is going on here when you read this title. Yes yes, we know. It is a bit weird to thing of something like this. But still, it is funny how certain phrases perfectly fit these two different situations. However, when you really want to use these phrases, try to be careful. Funerals are the most sensitive time of people. Try not to hurt feelings of people. Let’s check out what we can say during sex and a funeral.

Phrases That Fit Sex and a Funeral

There are tons of things you can say during sex and funeral. We have listed some of the best ones that perfectly fit both situations. We know that funerals can be hard to take. This is just a list to have a bit of fun.

  • Do you want to use a tissue?
  • It is incredibly hard…
  • I am really sorry.
  • I am sorry that it was this sudden.
  • It hurts so much
  • It is normal to cry.
  • I am glad you came.
  • I didn’t thing this would end so soon.
  • This has been a great experience, but now we need to say goodbye.
  • I am really sorry that you came under these conditions.
  • Kids should not be here. I don’t know how we will explain this situation.
  • It was so premature.

Some of these phrases might be hurt feelings of the person while having sex. Still, this does not change how funny they are. Just try to imagine the reactions when you actually say these. Some of the phrases perfectly fit both funerals and sex. Still, when you are in a funeral, try to be more sensitive. It is not a good idea to offend people on their hardest day. But if you are looking for a perfect joke, you can use one of the phrases easily.





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