The Knights of St. John

The age of the Crusades gave birth to three famous orders of chivalry-Templars, Teutons and Hospitallers. The Templars were astounding lenders and moneylenders. The Teutons are well known for their approach of heartless colonization of the Baltic and Slavic grounds, yet the Hospitallers as known as The Knights of St. John. What are they famous for?

Very little is known about the founder of the order. Also, he was born in the town of Amalfi in southern Italy around 1040. During the Crusade, he and a few of his partners established the primary sanctuaries (emergency clinics) for pioneers in Jerusalem. The Charter of the fraternity of Saint John, which means to deal with explorers, Pope Paschal II in 1113 affirmed. From this minute, the official history of the request for Hospitallers tallies down.

years of wandering

Years of Wandering

In the European parlance of the knights of the order were usually called simply the Hospitallers or knights. And since the residence of the order was the island of Malta, these names were added to another-the knights of Malta. Coincidentally, the Maltese request customarily called the request for St. John of Jerusalem. This isn’t completely valid; the request itself initially called Jerusalem. What’s more, there is no Saint like John of Jerusalem.

The request’s benefactor Saint will be Saint John the Baptist. The complete name of the request is: “Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta Sovereign Military request of St. John”. The particular indication of the Knights Hospitallers was a dark shroud with a white cross.

The Hospitallers also known The Knights of St. John quickly became one of the two influential military structures in Palestine. Be that as it may, after the crusaders experienced a few extreme thrashings the consolidated powers of the Muslims, the knights steadily deserted the involved regions. In 1187, Jerusalem was lost. What’s more, the last fortification of the crusaders in Front of Asia the stronghold of Acre-fell in 1291. The ioannite knights needed to look for shelter in Cyprus. But they didn’t stay there long. Making sure that the local nobility is not very happy with uninvited guests. The Grandmaster of the order, Guillaume de Villare, decided to find a more suitable place for his residence.

gift with a trick

Gift With a Trick

Of course, Charles V made his generous gift, guided not only by “Christian sympathy”. So as to understand all the deception of the Royal blessing, one must comprehend what the Mediterranean resembled in the XV! century. It was a veritable serpent’s tangle, seething and deadly. The entire Mediterranean was swarming with Barbary pirates, the name given to people from the Muslim regions of North Africa. The harbors of Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya were the havens of thousands and thousands of ferocious sea robbers who kept all southern Europe at Bay.

The main purpose of their raids were coastal settlements in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France. These countries had a particularly hard time, although more distant States also got it Muslim corsairs even sailed to England, Ireland, and Iceland!


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