Disease That Survived Nazi Genocide: 8 Things to Know About Syndrome K and How It Emerged In Italy


Disease That Survived Nazi Genocide: 8 Things to Know About Syndrome K and How It Emerged In Italy

Oppression of Nazis during World War II have not yet lost those horrible effects to remaining witnesses and their relatives. After that period, numerous films, books, research articles are published. People that survived those days and who resisted were rewarded. Some of those people with these kinds of stories are Italian doctors. In spring 1943, Nazis occupied Italy and Roman doctors saved lives of Jews with their so called disease. This diseases was Syndrome K. Let’s check what we need to know about K syndrome derived by a group of brave Italian doctors led by doctor and activist Adriano Ossicini.  
  1. Occupation of Rome by Nazis

From the late 1943 to summer of 1944, Rome was occupied by Nazis and Nazis begin to collect and deport Italian Jews. In this period, almost 10 thousand people were sent to working camps. Without any doubt, most of them did not return.  
  1. Attack to Jewish ghetto

When the occupation was at full speed, Nazis attached a Jewish ghetto near River Tiber in Rome. As it is known, ghettos are places designated to crowds who wants to avoid public area. Jewish people who tried to escape from this attack came near to Fatebenefratelli Hospital.  
  1. Doctor Vittorio Sacerdoti and Giovanni Borromeo

As Jewish people gathered, doctors opened the gates of Fatebenefratelli Hospital in the middle of River Tiber. Doctor Vittorio Sacerdoti and Giovanni Borromeo who wanted to keep these people safe came up with an idea. Syndrome K. They said this disease was contagious, deadly and Jewish people in the hospital had this disease. Accordingly, people with syndrome K must be under quarantine and no one was supposed to contact them.  
  1. Lead actor of the story: Adriano Ossicini

Adriano Ossicini is the third actor of syndrome K with other two doctors. Name of ‘’Syndrome K’’ was given by him. This three doctors invented a fake disease and saved total of 45 or 100 according to some sources.  
  1. Albert Kesselring and Herbert Kappler

Why Syndrome K? Not Syndrome A, F or B but K? In the following years, doctor and activist Adriano Ossicini who named this disease said that the name came from two Nazi soldiers. Accordingly, he combined names of Nazi commander Albert Kesselring and SS Chief Herbert Kappler. Additionally, letter K was selected to separate other immigrants from Jews. At the same time, Ossicini said that they need to make up a disease to protect the Jews and it won’t be credible if they didn’t write it to medical records.  
  1. “Cough like you have tuberculosis”

They even took precautions not to raise any doubt that this Jewish group had this fictional disease. Under the leadership of these three doctors, Jews were asked to cough like they have cancer or tuberculosis. Nazis were afraid of contagious diseases already and this was enough evidence for them.  
  1. Fatebenefratelli Hospital

Fatebenefratelli Hospital that witnessed and served to one of the most important moments of the history had received an award in the following years. Therefore, on 21 June 2016 hospital was rewarded with “Life House” title by International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.  
  1. Survivors of Fatebenefratelli

Hospital was rewarded as “Life House” on 21 June 2016 and survivors of Fatebenefratelli attended to this ceremony. This hospital that acted as a shelter for victims of Nazi oppression continues to witness the history of courage of three Italian doctors and other employees.

9 Quotes from Requiem for a Dream Book


9 Quotes from Requiem for a Dream Book Where You Can See Lost People of Brooklyn

Real fan of underground literature know that “Requiem for a Dream” is a masterpiece in this field. Author of this book Hubert Selby Jr. (1928-2004) was born in New York, Brooklyn. Author quit school and started to work at early age. He is forced to stay on bed due to tuberculosis. Selby Jr. cannot benefit from official education but he transfers his gloomy days with an amazing observation talent. His first and well-known novel is “Last Exit to Brooklyn”. Selby Jr. was dealing with censorship. His first work is banned in Italy and England. Requiem for a Dream is another work that was filmed. This tells stories of three young and one old women in Brooklyn. Women wants to lose weight and be on a TV show. Her son is crackpot. He is in dark business with his girlfriend and close friend to make money. All four are sure of themselves and instead of making a lesson from their troubles, they see these as small misfortunes. Requiem for a Dream is the proof that modern literature can produce amazing work.
  1. American Dream

“Obviously, I believe that to pursue the American Dream is not only futile but self-destructive because ultimately it destroys everything and everyone involved with it. By definition it must, because it nurtures everything except those things that are important: integrity, ethics, truth, our very heart and soul. Why? The reason is simple: because Life/life is giving, not getting.”
  1. Being anything

“You could really make my life worth-while. A guy needs something to give his life a reason or what’s the point of living? I need more than the streets. I don’t want to be a floating crap game all my life. I want to be something … anything.”
  1. Waiting to live

“Waiting! As if I have spent my whole life waiting. Waiting what? Living. Yes, it was like that, he was waiting to live. This seems like a rehearsal of living. A kind of exercise.”
  1. Beautiful one

“What is beautiful is not the outsider but people do not know it. They will not know it. This is why we don’t need to worry about what is happening around the world. No matter what, they try to end you. You can’t get attached because eventually, they are against you or they left you all alone. But you can’t exclude everyone. I don’t know, someone you can love…Someone you can hold up to.”
  1. Disease

“Disease is persistent. She slowly stopped struggling and that gap in her, she was surrenders to that sick death thing. All that pain, terror and misery transformed to despair when she stopped struggling and she leaned back. She stared on television. What is happening on the screen started to attract her attention and she tried to find the strength to believe in the lie there to believe the lie within her.”
  1. Light ray

“There’s a sorrow and pain in everyone’s life, but every now and then there’s a ray of light that melts the loneliness in your heart and brings comfort like hot soup and a soft bed..
  1. TV program

She watched herself stand with the announcer as she was introduced to the audience and she could hear the applause and the wolf whistles She smiled at the audience Maybe they want me for a regular TV show when they see how I look? Maybe a Ziegfield girl.
  1. Becoming complete

“He could feel all the loose pieces starting to fall into place He felt on the verge of something momentous. They felt whole.  They felt united.”  
  1. Feelings

Like what’s the use of all those words when the feelings aren’t behind them They’re just words. Like I can look at a painting and tell it, you’re beautiful. What does it mean to the painting? But I’m not a painting. I’m not two dimensional. I’m a person. Even a Botticelli doesn’t breathe and have feelings. It’s beautiful, but it’s still a painting. No matter how beautiful the outside may be, the inside still has feelings and needs that just words don’t fulfil.

Who Do Not Back Up Against World Leaders


Celebrities Who Do Not Back Up Against World Leaders

opposition /.–../ noun
  1. being against to a view, action, attitude etc.
  2. group of people who have opposite view, opposite attitude.
This is what this word means. It is seen in everyone who are unsatisfied with certain things. It is a way to raise your voice. We can see this in artists, sports players who are more than physical bodies, television announcers, authors and musicians.  Because you somehow need to express your anger. Anger, reaction or riot are not subjective, they are for the people. But opposition is generally made by individuals who love their country and people. Standing against the people they oppose instead of earning money from that person they oppose is all about love. There have been different individuals who opposed leader throughout the history. They talked against those leaders in their own domain not in court. Who are they? For example:

Clint Eastwood

Our lonely and handsome cowboy never supported Barack Obama and he emphasised his view. He said, “President Obama is the greatest deception for American people”. He always rejected invitations of Obama to win him. Alyysa Milano makes Donal Duck who says, “There is no such thing!” to comprehend sexual harassment.

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky supported Republicans in 2008 elections. He used, “a puppet from higher nations” phrase to criticise Obama. He never shook his hand if he is not forced to do so.

Gerard Depardieu

He does not care about money and he was chastised in our country. He said tax system in France was an obvious exploitation, it is against human rights and he would give up being French citizen. No one tried to dismiss him or welcomed him. Because this was his natural right as a citizen.

LeBron James

King after MJ, LeBron James said in an interview that Donald Trump has polarising politics and this legitimised racism. Then, Donald Duck tweeted, “Interviewer was so stupid that he made LeBron look smart”. Melania Trump tweeted to tone down or to show she doesn’t care about her husband, “I think LeBron James is a good guy, he is making schools and I will visit all of them”. In the following rounds, LeBron James didn’t go to White House invitation that was made to his team. At the final, we saw the king. Michael Jordan was involved and said, “He (Trump) is dividing us and for the last couples of months, I realise that he is using sports to seclude people and I can’t be part of that. Because I was together with a white person for the first time when I was doing sports.”

Brigette Bardot

After Emmanuel Macron insistently considered and approved animal sales/trade/hunting/murder in the parliament, beautiful Brigitte Bardot was straight. Actress was among the activists in #MeToo movement and said, “coldness of his steel blue eyes show the lack of empathy against the pain of animals”. She further said, “Don’t vote for Macron!”.

JK Rowling

Author Rowling who spend her life to explain people should avoid evil, different colours and nations did not meant different things, people should avoid oppress each other and evil will drag evil is also a strong Trump opponent. She was threatened by Trump supported in the US that they will no longer buy the stories she tells and writes. Rowling did not care this. Harry Potter will always be against tyrant and fascism. She said, “Trump is worse than Voldemort. If I wrote Voldemort know, I would be forced to create a worse character due to Trump”.

Michael Moore

Documentary filmed by Michael Moore referring to famous Fahrenheit 451 of Ray Bradbury, he regard administration of Bush Jr as dystopia. This documentary claims that Bush is in close relation with the family of Usama bin Ladin and his before/after 9/11 policies are strongly criticised. Although it is hard, this film is screened in the US and no one takes Michael Moore from home.

Lady Gaga

2018 Superbowl event was a protest against Trump. One of the memorable moment was This Land is Your Land song by Lady Gaga. This song belongs to Woody Guthrie. He is one of the most important composers that Bob Dylan was inspired. This song was written as a reaction to Berlin Wall. This performance reacts to the wall Trump wants to build on Mexican border. Lyrics of this song matches this thing, “There was wall in front of me that tried to stop me”.

Jimmy Fallon

This gentlemen loves political jokes in his skits, improvised jokes. He says what he wants to say without getting involved too much and without going too deep. Naturally, he also opposed Donald Trump. Trump tweeted, “Be a man” on Twitter since he is an influencer with a wig and country.   We are not sure if this a result of shisha session with Arda Turan. Jimmy Fallon took the most rational stance and refused to take a step back by saying, “Don’t you have better things to do? Like running a country, you are the presidents!”.

Chris Evans

Captain America never forgives. Chris Evans got carried away after a press release by Trump and Putin and he opposed Donald Duck. “I don’t know what to say. Today was a complete disaster. Donald Trump, this coward, this moron puppet brought shame on America and he should be ashamed of this! Ignoring Russian intervention to our democracy for political well-being of Trump is a great shame for everyone. I was completely disappointed.”

Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro was on stage in Tony Awards and thanks to his attitude, we have faith in old generation. First, he forbid Donald Trump to enter his chain of restaurants and he dropped the bomb onstage in Tony Awards, one of the most prestigious theatre awards of the world. He stepped on the stage and said, “I will only say one thing”, and this was “Fuck” “Trump!”. He said, “Fuck Trump!”.

How to Treat Mouth Ulcer?


Don’t Let Things Taste Bad: How to Treat Mouth Ulcer?

Small white spots that look like cotton field in your mouth can hurt really bad although this looks like a sweet definition. Majority of people are complaining about this problem called mouth ulcer. Well, how can you treat mouth Ulcer? Here are simple recommendations…

Avoid hot, acidic and irritant food

Probably, you are having a hard time eating due to these small ulcers that are on your tongue, palate and gum. But we should warn you, there is no need to make things worse. You may need to avoid hot tea, acidic beverages, nuts and spices for a while.

“Do I have allergy?”

This might be one of the first questions you need to ask yourself. Mouth ulcers might be results of an allergic symptom. If you have consumed any product that caused an allergy, you might have reacted as mouth ulcer. You might have not noticed you had allergic reaction. Chocolate, nuts, tomato, lemon, milk… Think about it? Have you consumed one of those dangerous foods?

Everything is about your immune system!

One of the main reasons that causes mouth ulcers is weak immune system. Therefore, this problem is more common during winter. So, you better be careful about supplementing your immune systems and things that you eat during winter. Although it hurts a bit to eat when you have mouth ulcer, black mulberry might help you.

A bitter truth: Carbonate!

It sure hurts but it is a fact that carbonate helps reducing mouth ulcers. If you apply carbonate paste that is prepared with water on your mouth ulcer, you can speed up the healing.  

Home remedies!

You can reduce mouth ulcers with basic ingredients at home. Adding half a spoon of slat into half a glass of water will be a good mouthwash to fight against mouth ulcers.

What if you don’t have these at home?

Let’s say you don’t want to deal neither with carbonate or salt. Or you might say that you don’t want anything but medicine. Or your mouth ulcer might be stubborn.  Then, you can consult to your doctor or pharmacist to choose among different solutions or creams. But you should not randomly use to avoid further problems.

Thing of other problems

These small treatments will generate positive results for mouth ulcers that are caused by lowered immune system, allergic reactions and physical trauma and often these ulcers will go away in a week without any treatment. But you should note that as in all other health problems, there might be underlying reasons for ulcers. If it takes a long time to treat your mouth ulcers or if scar tissue gets deeper, you need to consult to your doctor. You might have Behçet’s disease or stomach virus.

Love Compatibility between Zodiac Signs

Of course there can be hundreds of different matches that can fit well. Sign characteristics, life of a person, lifestyle… All of them have the power to effect and change relationships. But there are some signs that can form a deep connection together and their relationship have the potential to last for years. They are never perfect but they feel like they belong to each other and become each other’s life. We want to talk about harmony of signs, strong couples and why their relationship is so good. Have you ever had a relationship with matching signs as given below?  

1- Gemini and Aquarius

Key point between Gemini and Aquarius is their communication. Both can communicate with each other without compromising their freedom. Both are energic and open minded. For this reason, they get along well. They can form the special, powerful and intellectual connection they have never had before.  Although Aquarius is stubborn, they do their best to understand each other. They have no problem to be honest to each other and opening up. Generally, they form a fun couple.  

2- Scorpio and Cancer

Two most emotional signs of the horoscope. Cancer and Scorpio. But when they are together, they choose to aggrandize each other rather than being emotional. Both are extremely passionate and strong. Also, since both care for the family, they always think other one to be good. Both are water type and both have menacing attitude. When they argue, they can easily solve problems. When there is a problem, they get angry fast but solve everything fast as well. These are the details that make their relationship fast, exciting and perfect.  

3- Virgo and Pisces

When Pisces and Virgo come together, they find out characteristics they didn’t know they had. Virgo is practical and Pisces adds a unique creativity to everything they touch. Generally, they have healthy relationship, they try to make up shortages of each other and help each other to compensate mistakes.

4- Aries and Libra

When Aries and Libra come together, they might feel angry but at the same time, they form a serious communication they have never found in anyone else. Foundation of their relationship is strong and they build peace and comfort on this strong foundation. They do their best to get along well and do their best. They are always ready for action and aim for self-development. When they have their disagreements, they try everything they can to act as a guide. Libra reminds Aries to slow down and Aries remind Libra to be more realistic. But as a result, their characteristics work in perfect harmony and balance out.  

5- Leo and Sagittarius

When Leo and Sagittarius come together, they are sincerer than any other couple. No matter what happens, they consider things with love and warmth. They have positive chemistry. Although Sagittarius is indecisive and whimsy, they can give the self-confidence and courage that Leo needs. This invisible connection between them makes them more passionate and stronger than other couples. When they are together, they feel that they have found the one and only true love. Most importantly, they never think of giving up on each other. They always try to find a way to solve the problems they experience.  

6- Libra and Gemini

Libra and Gemini feel comfortable when they are together and they work hard to make things work. They have lots of common points as well as lots of differences. Therefore, their relationship is always in motion and they never get bored. They are not perfect like all other couples, they can argue but they knew that they will always be together.  

7- Taurus and Capricorn

When Taurus and Capricorn are together, they have logical relationship. Both of them do their best to be at constant and certain level in each subject. Therefore, it is hard to see ups and downs in this relationship. They don’t want to waste their time and they know the value of the moment. Capricorn works hard to motivate Taurus and Taurus will organise Capricorn in every way. They can appreciate same things and work in perfect harmony.  

8- Aries and Aquarius

It is almost impossible for these two to get bored together. This causes them to have an exciting relationship. Both love adventure and this adventurer side appears on their trips and romantic lives. They try new things together and spend good and quality time. While other couples are tired and bored of being together, Aries and Aquarius gets strength from each other. But they never forget how important it is to spend time on their own and with their friends.

Best Omega 3 Supplement


1- Nature’s Supreme Omega 3 1000 Mg 60 Capsule

Nature’s Supreme is one of the most preferred companies in recent years. Many supplements and vitamins are available on the sales site at this product’s best-selling product location. This product has 60 capsules. There are many benefits to the body of the product in terms of health. Usage: It is recommended to use 1 tablet per day after eating. Because there are 60 capsules in it, the product is enough for you for 2 months and it has very low prices. Almost all which should be in an omega 3 product with the advantages in the topics we will examine in detail the advantages of this product.

Advantages of this product

  • High omega 3 content: This product, which contains 620 mg Omega 3, 360 mg EPA and 260 mg DHA, has a good Omega 3 ratio compared to the equivalent products. The main reason for its preference is the high EPA and DHA content.
  • Patented raw material: Although the company provides all kinds of quality standards, all of the raw materials it uses in creating the product are patented and harmless in terms of human health.
  • Tested content quality: Since quality raw material is used during the production of the product and passed many tests successfully, it is advantageous for other products.
  • No smell in the stomach: One of the biggest problems of omega 3 is that it smells because it contains healthy fat. Due to the quality and formula used in the production process, this problem is not in Nature’s Supreme products.

In summary

Raw material quality produced by a quality company as well as the price is also suitable for a product that you can choose with ease of heart. On the other hand, the number of products that are sufficient for omega 3 is very low. Many people have been satisfied with this product because of the fact that its biggest competitor has pursued a high price policy for years.  

2- Solgar Omega-3 950 mg 50 Capsule

Omega 3 products and vitamins are sold in England for many years. Founded in 1947, this brand is quite old, but it has the most brand awareness in the industry. This product, which has high prices since it was a monopoly before, produces very high-quality products at the point of quality. EPA and DHA values are higher than comparable products. The price of the product is 25$ and contains 50 capsules. Usage: It is recommended to use 1 capsule per day after meals. The price of a capsule is less than 1$.

Advantages of this product

  • According to other omega 3 products, content and raw materials are more preferred for athletes in terms of quality.
  • Best Omega 3 Rates; 950 mg Omega 3, 504 mg EPA and 378 mg DHA, this product is preferred because of the high rate of Omega 3 is the value. The market contains far more Omega 3 ratios than its competitors.

In summary

Omega 3, EPA and DHA are very high compared to other products. Due to the price is not very preferred in the country.  

3- New Life S-1200 + CoEnz QH Advantage Package

New life s products have entered our country in recent years. It is a company producing high quality products in vitamin and fish oil. The raw materials used by the company are of high quality, but they have quality standard approval in the forms used in the production. Usage: It is recommended to use 1 piece per day and it contains 45 capsules.

Advantages of this product

High rate of Omega-3: The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 is very high, including 720 mg of omega-3, 264 mg of EPA and 60 mg of DHA. The rate of EPA and DHA is adequate for a normal person. Formula and Triglyceride form: The formula used in this product with high raw material quality as described above has received approval from the quality control standards, i.e. IFOS. So that fish produced from the oils in triglyceride form in the natural environment, this product is both healthy and a lot more beneficial.

In summary

Although 1 capsule comes at a price above 1$, it is a completely natural and healthy product. It is a product that people who use this product for health should definitely prefer this product. Omega 3 alone is not enough Generally, only fish oil is not sufficient as a supplement. You will need to look at our best protein supplement article for protein supplements.

Best Gaming Headset Guide


Best Gaming Headset Guide

1-) Analyzing of Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Player Headphone

It is a very handy player headphone that has almost full grade from many reviews on the market recently. Therefore, we examined the advantages and disadvantages of this headphone.

Advantages of Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

  • Quality of sound: The most important feature for a player headset is the sound quality that it offers. The sound quality is very good compared to other headphones because of its 7+1 and high-end technology. On the other hand, in contrast to other companies, Razer mostly concentrates on gaming products in order to produce much better products.
  • Top-level comfort: It is to say that one of the most important features for a headphone is the comfort offered to you. Many players have to use headphones if they spend for more than 12 hours a day, especially if they prefer FPS games. For this reason, it is very important that the headphone does not pressurize the ear and does not disturb the players. Razer Kraken is one of the best products in this area. Due to both design and material quality, it is easily separated from other headphones.
  • Microphone: Especially in online games, the microphone feature is preferred by many players. Razer Kraken’s microphone has quite good quality. Moreover, the other party can hear the sound coming from you clearly.
  • Synapse: With this feature, you can adjust the sound quality from the headphone as you wish. You might think of this as Equalizer. Since there is no control button in the headphone, you have to set all the settings here.

Disadvantages of Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Headphone

  • Price: The price of this headphone may be expensive compared to other brands. On the other hand, Razer has been implementing quality products and expensive price policies for many years. Many headphone manufacturers saw that this policy holds almost prices in the company of Razer level. Therefore, it is not a very big disadvantage.
  • Control Pad: Control pad is a keypad for adjusting the incoming volume. When we look at Razer Kraken, there’s no PED. These settings are completely made from the program. This is the biggest problem of the headphone. If you say you can’t use it without this keypad, we do not recommend this headset.

2-) Analyzing of HyperX Cloud Revolver Player Headphone

Hyper X Cloud Revolver, one of the best headphones in the market in recent years, is the preferred product by many gamers. Hyper X is a company that has invested heavily in the gaming industry in recent years, also Dolby 7.1 support made this product as preferable. We have reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of the product below for you.

 Advantages of Hyper X Cloud Revolver

  • Plug and Play: Hyper-X products usually come to the fore with plug and play feature. Many headphones on the market are behind Hyper X in this regard. Compared to many programs and software products, the use of this brand’s products is quite simple. In the example above, the Razer product does not have a headphone pad, so it needs a program… This is not the case in Hyper-V.
  • High performance: This headphone has been tested by many players and has received full marks. Especially the performance in FPS games is quite high. We can easily say that it is the best product at the point of listening sounds like silence walk in some games.
  • Different usage areas: Many headphones are having trouble with other gaming units while running in PC environment and PlayStation. Hyper X products can be easily used in PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii and mobile environment. It is very good for non-PC platforms because the performance is high without programming.
  • Support of Dolby 7.1: It is a great advantage to have Dolby support. The first version of the model is quite developed and the new 7.1 version with 7.1 channel support is also available. Especially when you want to hear detailed sounds, this product serves you the best way.
  • Comfort: The comfort of a player headphone is perhaps the most sought-after feature. Hyper X has produced a comfortable headphone with both design and product quality. In the Revolver S model with a 50mm neodymium ear drive, you do not need to adjust the drivers.

 Disadvantages of Hyper X Cloud Revolver

  • Price: The only disadvantage of the product is that the price is high. Compared to other products, Hyper-X produces highly expensive products. If you want a product with high quality and performance and do not have problems with the price, of course, this will not be a disadvantage for you.

3-) Analyzing of Asus Rog Strix Fusion 500 Player Headphone

Laptop, motherboard and technology that the success of the gaming sector also wants to transfer the Asus company in recent years with headphones on the way to having a say in the market is progressing with firm steps. The latest product, the ROG Strix Fusion 500 model, got full mark by many editors and experts.

Advantages of Asus Rog Strix Fusion 500

  • Performance: Asus has developed a surround system with Bongiovi Acoustics to appeal to high-end users at the point of performance. In many FPS games, the fully rated headphone also offers the ability to change the performance as you wish thanks to the technology and special software it uses.
  • Support of Aura Sync: The most important feature of this headphone, the RGB lighting system, the Asus Aura Sync software allows you to change as you wish. The product, which makes a full light feast, appeals to high-end users.

 Disadvantages of Asus Rog Strix Fusion 500

  • Price: Asus Rog, which is almost twice the price of other products, gives this price as the performance, but it is not preferred by every user because you can buy the products close to the same performance for less than $60.
  • Pressure on the ear: Although it has Asus quality and extra ear cushions, it puts some pressure on the ear. This edition does not pose much problems in 2-3-hour games, but it can lead to problems in long-term games.

4-) Analyzing of Logitech G533 Player Headphone

Logitech has always been the best-selling company in the field of gaming headphone and mouse. Although it is not very popular in game tournaments, Logitech brand products are sold because it produces products that appeal to every type of user and keep the price low.

Advantages of Logitech G533 Player Headphone

  • Stylish and simple design: Logitech products produce simple and stylish products at the design point. In recent years, due to the excessive light and space designs produced by other companies, this feature is seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage.
  • Support of 7.1 Surround sound: Logitech, one of the firsts in the sector with 7 + 1 surround sound support technology, still maintains its superiority in this regard. With the Logitech Gaming program, you can make settings as you like.
  • Long battery life: The Logitech G533, a wireless product, has a long battery life. We can easily say that they have a solid workmanship at the Battery Point.
 Disadvantages of Logitech G533 Player Headphone
  • Simple Design: The G633 is quite simple compared to the Artemis model and this product is not ambitious by many players. Although it is considered as a normal player headphone, many users still prefer the headphone since the product is very simple.

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey


Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

We did a research on customer satisfaction surveys and customer comments on boards regarding the best hair transplant in Turkey, Ankara, Izmir, Samsun, and made it easier for our precious readers to choose the best clinic. Baldness, which is one of the biggest aesthetic problems for men, has become a problem that can be solved by hair transplantation. However, it may be pretty difficult to choose the best hair transplantation clinic. We tried to list the best hair transplantation clinics of Turkey subjectively as possible. Many people are in search of making the best decision possible when it comes to hair transplantation.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic List In Turkey

1- Neopital Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Clinic

The biggest factor in the success of Neopital Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics Center, which is one of the most respected companies in the world in aesthetic and plastic surgery operations, is that they can produce results that make their guests say “could not be better” in every operation. With its expert doctors and experienced academic staff, this center hosts thousands of people from many different countries every year, especially for hair transplantation. Neopital hair transplantation center, using the latest hair transplantation technologies, achieves dense and very natural looking hair transplant results. This center, which provides services with its expert team in all hair transplantation stages, has no negative comments or complaints towards them. Prices are considered budget-friendly in this center. They perform hair transplantations with a fixed price for maximum grafts. Hair transplantation costs: 1.300€ – 2.000€ Contact Info: +90 542 537 50 10  Bahcelievler/Istanbul neopital.com

2- ASMED Hair – Dr. Koray Erdogan

Managed by Koray Erdogan, ASMED, the most famous hair transplantation clinic of Turkey, offers professional solutions for hair transplantation. Koray Erdogan is one of the leading names of the world in the field of hair transplantation. He is also giving lectures in many countries abroad. It is widely known that ASMED hair is selective when choosing patients in scope of quality results. Serving at many different locations in the world, ASMED hair performed thousands of hair transplantation operations. As the clinic’s service cost is much more expensive, not all people are able to use it. That is why we put it on 2nd place on the list. Charges 3.5 Euro per graft. Hair transplantation costs: 3.500€ – 15.000€ Contact Info: +90 216 464 11 11 Atasehir/Istanbul www.asmed.com.tr

3- Dr. Keser Hair Transplant Center

In hair transplantation, especially vertex (the upper back area with circular hair structure), he offers very successful aesthetic solutions and provides a great customer satisfaction. For the Dr. Muttalip Keser, we can say Ankara’s best hair transplantation center. The friendly physician, who is preferred by people in need of hair transplantation in Turkey and abroad, serves for the treatment guest worker. Muttalip Keser’s hair transplantation is good for some people and it is bad for some people as well. Muttalip Keser divided hair transplantation into 3-4 days. The reason is not to damage the donor area. Many people who want to get successful results in hair transplantation center successfully apply hair transplantation solutions. By serving foreign patients, hair transplantation is provided with facilities about medical tourism. It costs 2.5 euros per graft. Prices of hair transplantation: 3.500 € – 12.000 € Contact information: +90 505 467 08 42      Cankaya/Ankara www.drkeser.com

4- Jale Senyurt Hair Transplant Center

Other than Vertex problems, Jale Senyurt performs very successful hair transplantation in the front and upper areas and is also one of the best hair transplantation specialists we recommend. Jale Senyurt, which makes the patients happy by achieving successful results when it comes to hair transplantation, provides a service that satisfies many of its customers. The people who want to have hair transplantation by examining the hair to be added to the area to be filled with the right hair line is provided. As a hair transplantation center, you can prefer to solve your hair problems in a short time with this company. Prices of hair transplantation: 1.800 € – 2.400 € Contact information: +90 312 425 20 05 Cankaya/Ankara drjalesenyurt.com

5-Isvec Clinic

The clinic, which also serves in the branches of England, Germany and Turkey, addresses a very large audience in these three countries. Isvec Klinik is the first clinic to come to mind for many people in recent years when it is called Aesthetic Center. The clinic provides many conveniences and also serves in the field of health tourism. Prices of hair transplantation: 1.600 € – 2.700 € Contact information: +90 212 215 5535     Sisli/Istanbulwww.isvecklinik.com

6- Hayati Akbas – FBM Medical Center

There are many clinics in Samsun for hair transplantation. However, many people in the Black Sea region prefer FBM Medical Center for hair transplantation. The clinic, in which men are particularly interested, produces successful results in hair transplantation. The center, which also serves in issues such as nose and breast aesthetics, is the first choice of many people. Hayati Akbas and his staff have yielded very satisfying results. Prices of hair transplantation: 2.000 € – 3.500 € Contact information: +90 530 762 70 02     Atakum/Samsun www.fbm.com.tr

7- Acibadem Hospital Hair Transplant

The Acıbadem group, which has a very common name in the health sector, works with professional aesthetic doctors for those who want to have hair transplantation. The group producing the right solutions for hair transplantation and working with international experts. Acıbadem group, which can be consulted to perform hair transplantation in many parts of Turkey, carries out successful studies with Aesthetic Surgeons. Prices of hair transplantation: 2.000 € – 4.000 € Contact information: +90 212 414 44 44     Istanbul acibademinternational.com

8- Arenamed

The clinic, where experts are well aware of the value of providing special services to the person in hair transplantation, provides services knowing the importance of team work in hair transplantation. Arenamed team, which has been increasing the confidence of many people for many years and solving the problem of baldness, provides individualized hair design with different hair lines and offers permanent solutions with the right applications. Prices of hair transplantation: 1.500 € – 2.600 € Contact information: +90 534 073 11 35    Acibadem/Istanbul www.arenamedhairtrans.com

9. Clinic Hair

Since the first day, clinic hair has been performing hair transplantation operations focused on patient satisfaction. Besides domestic patients, it has been providing services to patients from abroad such as Germany, England, Iraq and Sudan since 2001. The clinic has a staff of 25 people and has translators for foreign guests. Prices of hair transplantation: 1.700 € – 2.000 € Contact information: +90 232 343 25 85   Bayrakli/Izmir clinichair.com

Considerations for Choosing the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

When you choose your hair transplant center, you can safely expect the result of the application. For this, it is very important that you act cautiously in some matters. For example, you can learn about the hair transplant center selection and the issues that require you to have hair transplantation.
  • If you have hair transplantation before your hair is completely lost, you may get more successful results,
  • The experience of the physician is important for choosing the right method for hair transplantation,
  • You can examine the patient experience of the center you are going to undergo hair transplantation,
  • It may be in a hurry to wait for quick solutions after hair transplantation,
  • The process of hair growth varies according to person in person, affects the success of hair transplantation in a positive way,
  • Hair transplantation can be done not only in men but also in women,
  • Many alternative hair transplantation methods that will provide a solution in hair transplantation are implemented with FUE technique,
  • Those who are determined to apply hair transplantation may consult several centers,
  • Choosing the right hair transplantation method will ensure a permanent result for many years,
  • The equipment required for hair transplantation, hygiene and safety at the application center will guide you in choosing the clinic,
  • Searching on hair transplantation prices will make your job easier. It will also allow you to choose according to your budget.

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Hair transplantation prices are calculated according to the strand. In each center, there is an average quantity, although different prices are concerned. It is recommended that you get an offer from the hair transplantation center to learn more about hair transplantation prices. In order to determine the price, the level of graft needed for hair transplantation is determined first. So, the price that is to be offered for everyone is different. Although the price of hair transplantation may seem higher in big cities, it is actually more economical in terms of price. Because, in terms of health tourism, hair transplantation prices you need are determined as concept. Accommodation costs and hospital expenses are included in this fee. Many people who come from abroad prefer clinics where they can always get answers in order to clarify the issues, they are interested in about hair transplantation. Therefore, clinical selection is very important because it is a determining factor in cost and other issues.

Who Is Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

Many people are not ideal candidates for hair transplantation since it is vital to determine the places to be taken to the hair and to choose the hair that will be used as a donor. It is important to take the donor hair correctly, and then the hair transplantation should be done successfully. People with very little hair may not be suitable for hair transplantation. Therefore, it is important to obtain information from several centers and make the right decision about hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is also preferred by women. This is why it is possible to evaluate alternatives such as hair growth, prevention of male-pattern hair loss and eyebrow transplantation. It may be possible to make the hair look abundant and beautiful by making the right applications.