How to Wear Jeans and Look Super Hot?


How to Wear Jeans and Look Super Hot?

Jeans are super comfortable. Generally, people use jeans in their daily lives. Did you know you can wear jeans and look super hot? All you need to do is make the ideal combination. You can transform your jeans to chic cloth for dinner in a cosy restaurant.

Combine with Chic Shirts

Hollywood stars do this all the time. If you have a good looking silk shirt, you will look amazing in these and your jeans. Always go for black, white or claret red. Claret red will make you look sexy while black always looks good.

Try a Different Look

Instead of combining your jeans with t-shirts, try something new. Trendy pullovers will transform your look just in seconds. You can use accessories to enhance your elegant look. Necklaces and rings look amazing with these pullovers.

Wear Stilettos

Nothing will make a women look hotter than stilettos. When you combine your jeans with an elegant pair of stilettos, you are ready to enjoy a nice night out. You can go to a restaurant or when you wear a sexy top, you can go clubbing.

Use a Long Coat

A long coat, boots and jeans have the perfect winter look. You will get that elegant look like Hollywood stars. Also, boots always make jeans look better. When you use a long coat, you will protect yourself from cold and still look amazing.

Wear a Hat

Hats are super popular, When you combine your jeans with a hat, you will have that chic look for daytime. You can go out to a café or a restaurant to meet with your friends. Or you can go for shopping with this amazing outfit. When you use your jeans correctly, you can look amazing with a little bit effort. Once you learn how to mix and match things, you will look chic and elegant.  

What Happens When You Super Like on Tinder?


What Happens When You Super Like on Tinder?

Tinder is the jungle of dating. There are different profiles and different people. So, this means you need will have tons of options to choose from. All that swiping left and right are to find the perfect match for you. If you believe that you have found your perfect match, there is a way of showing this: super like. When you super like someone, you tell them that you really liked their profile. But you need to get ready to what will happen after super liking someone.

Steps After Super Like

When you super like someone on Tinder, a couple of things are waiting for you. First, the person you like will get a notification. In this notification, you profile will have a blue star that looks like moving. This is the sign that you super likes other person. Next, it is up to that person you super likes. He/she can swipe left or right. If he/she swipes left, this means he/she didn’t like you. And you need to move on and find other matches. If he/she swipes right, this means he/she liked you. So, you will get a messaging window. What will you do next?

What Should You Do When You Get a Match on Tinder?

When you get a match and start talking, always be yourself. Don’t try to deceive the person you are talking to. If you really be yourself, your chances to get a date will increase. Also, when it comes to women, they get tons of matches every day. So, you need to be creative with your opening line. An attractive first message will increase your chances to get a date. You can use jokes or memes to attack attention. Also, you can use puns with his/her name. This is a good way to start a conversation. After starting the conversation, try keeping things cool and just have fun.  

The Best Diet Method


The Best Diet Method

It is not a diet in our lives when we adopt a healthy way of life, in fact, you will see that we will not need diet and we will be free of excess weight without torturing ourselves.

3 White Rule

If we are looking for the healthiest diet, we should avoid salt, sugar and flour, which are three white in our lives. The bread made with white flour should remove the pastries, especially in the abdomen region and in the yoke,  region can cause excessive lubrication.

More vegetables

The healthiest diet is of course steamed vegetables, but also boiled vegetables. Vegetables with less calories and plenty of vitamins are also very important for our mental health. We have to say goodbye to junk food and acidic drinks like sugar or chips that we have to take out of our lives. Instead of using oils like sunflower oil, we should use healthier olive oil.

You should eat often but little

We should divide our meals in the form of 3 main intermediate meals, so we should be careful to eat less and more often. This is a very important point for diabetics and blood pressure is often the subject of nutrition. Drink herbal teas, of course, but should be drunk without sugar. People who are accustomed to drinking tea with sugar, tea sugar is drunk as if I heard they say. You will find that you do not want sugar tea in time by reducing the amount of sugar in time by yourself. Healthy as well as excess consumption should be avoided as much as everything is harmful tea.  

Breakfast is the most important meal

You should not skip breakfast in the morning while you are on a diet, this may make you feel hungrier by lowering your sugar by noon. You can make Morning Breakfast with light products and eggs, fiber foods should be preferred, oatmeal should be preferred to keep you fuller. Uncooked nuts can be used in your snacks, teas can be used, and a few small fruits can be used.


Lunch can also be done with salad and boiled chicken or grilled. You should put very little olive oil in salad, if you make plenty of oil, the diet will not help.


For dinner, light things should be eaten, because the food hours that are eaten in the evening are the hours when the metabolism runs slowly. To speed up metabolism, you can throw cinnamon bark, lemon, salad, parsley into your drinking water and drink at least three liters of water a day. You should never neglect water.  

Exercise for yourself

The sport that you will do next to the diet will allow you to lose weight fast. If you lose three pounds in a month, you can double it with sports. Still Life Gives You weight but does not lose weight. Leave excuses like I don’t have time to do sports, and you can walk at least an hour of brisk walking, which is a sport. As a result of research, walking only activates the frontal lobe, which is responsible for creativity, and enables the digestive system to function more effectively. Do sports not for your physical image, but for your own health.

6 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Now


6 Reasons to Eat Chocolate Now

Everyone loves chocolate. Children, men and women love consuming this amazing food. In addition to making you feel happy; this miraculous thing has other benefits as well. So, there are tons of reason to east chocolate now.  Also, consuming chocolate everyday has benefits as well. So, next time someone asks you why you want to eat chocolate, you can tell them one of these reasons.

1. Feel Happy

As you start eating chocolate, you will immediately start to feel happy. Components in this amazing food will boost your mood. You will start to feel good right from the beginning.

2. Protect Your Health

It is believed that chocolate has certain health benefits. This delicious food can protect your heat from heart failure. Also, it is believed that consuming chocolate everyday can help preventing diabetes. So, if you want to live a healthier life, you can consume small portions of dark chocolate every day.

3. Relieve Stress

As it boosts your mood, it also helps relieving your stress. When you consume chocolate, you will calm down and start to feel better.

4. Raise Your Energy Levels

In addition feeling happier, you can feel more energetic as well. Chocolate will increase your overall energy levels. You will feel much better and you will have energy to finish the day. When you need that boost to increase your energy levels, you can eat a piece of chocolate.

5. Prevent Dessert Craving

We all know that everyone wants dessert all the time. Those sweet things are best to boost up the morale or to give us energy. But most of the desserts are loaded with sugar. This sugar will harm your health. Instead of consuming this sugar, you can replace it with a piece of chocolate.

6. Keep Your Brain Sharp

It is shown that chocolate can help keeping your brain sharp. So, before a big exam or a test, you can eat a small piece of chocolate to fuel your brain.

How to Stalk Someone on Social Media Without Getting Caught?


How to Stalk Someone on Social Media Without Getting Caught?

We all know that you are reading this to stalk an ex. It is okay. After a bumpy break-up, you may want to know what your ex is doing. You need some tricks for this. The most important trick is about how to stalk someone on social media without getting caught. Key point here is without getting caught. So, you need to spend some time to make the ultimate social media stalking plan.

Create a Fake Account

First, you need a fake account. We are thinking that your ex has unfollowed you like you did to him/her and turned his/her account settings to private. But you still want to see his/her posts. So, a fake account will help you in this process. Create an account that your ex would probably accept. Then, by using this account see what she/he is up to.

Go for Multiple Social Media Platforms

Never stalk on one social media platform. Always go for Facebook, Instagram and Twittter together. He or she might have changed his/her social media preferences. Stalking from all social media platforms will increase your chances to learn more about him/her.

Google Him/Her

This is the next stage of secret social media stalking. Do a quick Google search. You can also use a hidden tab if you don’t want to store your ex on your search history. Check all the photos and information you can find after this search. Google will give you all the information you need.

Find Family/Friend on Social Media

If your ex is not a frequent social media user, check his/her friends and family. You can find photos of him/her on their account. Also, you will learn what she/he has been up to. Stalking on social media requires skills. When you follow these steps, you can learn everything you want about your ex. And most importantly, you will not get caught in this process.  

Things You Can Say During Sex and a Funeral


Things You Can Say During Sex and a Funeral

You probably said what is going on here when you read this title. Yes yes, we know. It is a bit weird to thing of something like this. But still, it is funny how certain phrases perfectly fit these two different situations. However, when you really want to use these phrases, try to be careful. Funerals are the most sensitive time of people. Try not to hurt feelings of people. Let’s check out what we can say during sex and a funeral.

Phrases That Fit Sex and a Funeral

There are tons of things you can say during sex and funeral. We have listed some of the best ones that perfectly fit both situations. We know that funerals can be hard to take. This is just a list to have a bit of fun.
  • Do you want to use a tissue?
  • It is incredibly hard…
  • I am really sorry.
  • I am sorry that it was this sudden.
  • It hurts so much
  • It is normal to cry.
  • I am glad you came.
  • I didn’t thing this would end so soon.
  • This has been a great experience, but now we need to say goodbye.
  • I am really sorry that you came under these conditions.
  • Kids should not be here. I don’t know how we will explain this situation.
  • It was so premature.
Some of these phrases might be hurt feelings of the person while having sex. Still, this does not change how funny they are. Just try to imagine the reactions when you actually say these. Some of the phrases perfectly fit both funerals and sex. Still, when you are in a funeral, try to be more sensitive. It is not a good idea to offend people on their hardest day. But if you are looking for a perfect joke, you can use one of the phrases easily.      

Elvui How to Install


ElvUI How to Install

ElvUI is super popular among hardcore World of Warcraft players. This user interface provides lots of opportunities to gamers. And WoW fans love this user interface as it enhances user experience. Also, ElvUI offers other options like customisation, configuration and upgrading. At first glance, it might seem a bit complex to download and install this UI. Once you read this guide, you will learn all you need to know about how to install and start this popular WoW UI.

How to Install ElvUI?

  1. Go to official download site
You need to visit the official ElvUI website, to download this add-on. Tukui is a WoW gaming community and you can find more than just the download link.
  1. Find Download Link; Find the download link and click download. Your download should start in few seconds.
  1. Unzip File Content; Once you download this UI, you need to unzip the files to start using on WoW.
  1. Open Wow and Start UI; After unzipping the files in the download file, you need to navigate and find WoW folder on your computer. Open WoW folder by right clicking and selecting open. After that, you need to open the interface folder. Next step is opening add-ons folder inside this interface folder.
  1. Copy Files; Go back to your downloaded and unzipped folder. Copy ElvUI and ElvUI_Config files.
  1. Paste Files; You need to paste ElvUI and ElvUI_Config files to Add-ons in the WoW folder.
  1. Launch WoW; You need to launch the game. Once the game is open, go to character selecting screen where you will see add-ons. Among these add-ons, you need to choose ElvUI option.
  1. Start Your Game; Once you complete all these steps, you can now start your game. Once you start the game, all options provided by this user interface will be visible. You can now enjoy your game and experience this new UI.

Best Animated Movies Of All Time


Best Animated Movies Of All Time

Best Animated Movies

We present the best animated movies of all Time to you. You can find out what you are interested in about the movies in detail below. You can find out how many times they have been published, about film music and composers, directors.

10-Finding Nemo

Include at the top among the best animated films is Finding Nemo. This film, translated as lost fish Nemo, was screened in Uk in 2004. Best animated movies grossing 70 million in the first three days for the film to take place in a number of deserves. Nemo, Dory and Darla are the characters.

9- Toy story

The second row is located in the animated Toy Story films are among the best. This film is a Turkish translation Toy Story. This is a movie that has an IMDB score 8.3. Ice Light Year, Sid, Sheriff Woody characters are in the movie. The director is John Lasseter.

8- Minions

The third and the next animated film, Minions, is the production of 2015. IMDB score is 6.4. Directors Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda. Characters are Bob, GRU, and Stuart. Languages are both English and Spanish. The composer of the soundtrack is Heitor Pereira.

7- Lion King

The Lion King Academy Awards are among the films. Among the best animated films 4.are in order. The date of the screening was 20 January 1995. Their director is Rob Minkoff and Roger Aller. The composers of the soundtrack are Hans Zimmer and Elton John.

6- Brave

The 5th best animated film is Brave. This film has a 7.1 IMDb rating. The film entered the screening in 2012. Directors Are Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews. Music for the movie is Touch the Sky and the composer is Patrick Doyle. The characters are Merida, King Fergus, Queen Elinor.

5- Tangled

Among the fantasy – musical comedy films, this film’s IMDB score is 7.8. It is the part of 2010 animation films and it is listed as 50 of the lists. The composer of the soundtrack is Alan Menken. The directors are Byron Howard and Nathan Greneo. The box office is 260 million US dollars.

4- Frozen

Frozen is ranked 7th in the best animated films. IMDB score is 7.5, the film was released in 2014. Director Jennifer Lee is Chris Buck. The casts are Kristen Bell, Idlina Manzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff. The composer of the soundtrack is Christophe Beck, Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

3- Ice Age

One of the most popular films, Ice Age is produced in 2002. This film, which is 1 hour 43 minutes, is included in the Fantastic – Film – adventure category. Chris Wedge is the director of the film, which was released in 2003. David Newman is the composer of the soundtrack. Players Are Ray Romano, John. Characters are Sid, Scrat and Manfred.

2- Inside Out

Included in the Fantastic Film – Comedy Drama category, this film has 8.2 IMDb rating. Pete Docter directed the film, which was turned upside down. The Film was released in 2015. This three-dimensional film was also appreciated by critics. There are players like Amt Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, Phyllis Smith. Inside Out is at the 9th place among the best animated films.

1- Up

Best Animated Movies Of All Time is UP. This film is produced in the USA. Comedy – Drama – Adventure The movie was made by Pixar Animation Studios and released on 16 October. Directors; Pete Docter is Bob Peterson.

Best Mountain Bicycle For The Money


The Best Bicycle Models

Bicycle is a fun and necessary means of transportation that almost every person wants to get for sport or activity. Bicycle is also prominent with its features. How do bicycle enthusiasts find their own bike? What are the best bicycle brands? Here are the best and most preferred bicycle brands.  


Founded in 2005, this brand aims to produce suitable models on the new train every year. This company is focused on R & D and concept studies and attracts attention with its high-quality products as well as sales and service stores. This brand is known for selling mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, children’s bicycle models at affordable prices according to many brands.


Merida is a company founded in Taiwan in 1972. Merida, which continued its services as an independent brand in 1988, successfully produces the models that are among the best quality bicycle brands and the models that are defined as “advanced racing machines” with the support it received from scientists at the German R & D center.  


In 1972, the bicycle company was known to set off with the logic of “creating a better cycling experience worldwide” for people. This company is one of the most successful bicycle companies in the field of quality production and quality material use. Although this brand sometimes receives negative returns because of its high prices, it receives positive reviews from most people because of its lightweight but powerful carbon fiber materials.


Bianchi, known as the oldest bicycle brand in Italy since 1885, has been operating in Italy was established under the name of F. I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.P.A. Based in Milan, this company produces urban bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and many more models. This brand, which is the choice of most people, still today known as one of the best brands in the world.


The Trek brand originating in America, which has very aesthetic lines, started production in 1976. More concentrated on mountain bikes, this brand has produced models suitable for all kinds of roads. The Trek brand, which attracts attention with its appearance, is among the best-selling bicycles.  

The Best Bike Model in The World Called High End

  1. Pinarello
  2. Specialized (Sworks)
  3. Cannondale
  4. Giant
  5. Cervelo
  6. Scott
  7. Canyon
  8. Focus
  9. Merida
  10. Ridley

Best Air Conditioner Brands

Especially during the summer months air conditioning is one of the most needed household items. On the other hand, many people are warming up with air conditioners in winter and do not use natural gas or other heating methods. If you live in small houses like 1+0 or 1+1, thanks to the inverter and top-level energy-saving air conditioners, air conditioners are very advantageous to warm up and cool off. For these reasons, the most common problem is which brand and model should be preferred. In this article we investigated the best air conditioning brands and the advantages of these brands for you.  

3- Mitsubishi Electric Brand

Although Mitsubishi company first comes to mind Car and automotive, this company is a multi-partnership, global and operates in many different sectors. Under the name of Mitsubishi Electric, the air conditioners of the company that sells air conditioners and many electrical appliances are stated to have the best quality air conditioners by many experts in the sector for years. Advantages of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning
  • Price: The most important factor when buying air conditioning for many people is price. Although Mitsubishi air conditioners are expensive in price, they are not the products that have deteriorated or malfunction in 2-3 years like other air conditioners. You can use it for a long time if used well and assembled. Mitsubishi air conditioners are expensive in the short term but very convenient in the long term.
  • Energy: Mitsubishi is one of the most advanced air conditioning companies in the field and is the pioneer of technologies such as Inverter and Super Inverter.
  • Montage: There are very good comments about the installation teams of the authorized services of the company that started operating in the country in 2012. Although there are some bad comments, these comments are relatively small compared to other companies.
In general, Japanese air conditioning brands are quite superior compared to other companies. There is an obvious superiority of the Japanese in this area. Companies such as Daikin, Toshiba and Mitsubishi are 1-0 ahead in terms of technology compared to other European goods. The point is, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy brands do not mix. Your preference could be Mitsubishi Electric, which is the brand we describe in this article.  

2- Daikin Brand

Daikin, a Japan-based company, is one of the largest and most comprehensive research and development facilities in the world. The company, which is the pioneer of many inventions and inventions in air conditioning, is the pioneer of package type air conditioning and pump. The company, which dominates Europe, Asia and the Middle East markets, has come to in the country in 2011. Advantages of Daikin Brand
  • Technical specifications: We mentioned how good Japanese companies are in the air conditioning and cooling industry. In addition to be a Japanese company in Daikin, it is one of the top-quality brands in air conditioners in technical and technological matters. In particular, the company, one of the pioneers of inverter technology, was introduced to this technology 1-2 years ago from some companies. If you compare with other air conditioning brands, you can easily see how superior Daikin models are.
  • Sound: Although many companies claim to be good in this area, Daikin air conditioners are one of the best air conditioners in terms of sound. When comparing sound with other brands, it is measured that it produces 5 or even 10 decibels less sound. If you intend to run air conditioning continuously, the subject of the sound is very important and at this point you should prefer the brand Daikin.
  • Design: One of the most important advantages of Daikin air conditioners is their design. For those who care about shape or want to use air conditioning as an accessory, the Daikin brand is launching 1 or 2 products with enormous designs every year.

1- Baymak Brand

Baymak, which is a Turkish brand that is the best air conditioner brand of our list, was established in 1967. In the following years, Baymak has been acquired by a Dutch company and is a pioneer of inventions such as floor heating and water heater. Many models of the firm, which has been progressing with certain steps in cooling and air conditioning sector for years, are sold in the country. Advantages of Baymak
  • Electricity consumption: Baymak air conditioners are often featured with electricity consumption. According to many models, Baymak products consume much less electricity and do not upset you at the point of invoice. Especially inverter models are much more advantageous because they do not consume electricity continuously.
  • Sound: One of the most important problems of air conditioners is loud operation of some. Although the external units of the Baymak air conditioners work with sound, the interior unit, in other words, the remaining part of the room works quite quietly.
  • Guarantee and service: Baymak company has Service at many points. Since it is a company that constantly supervises its services, it is much better for other companies. Also, as a guarantee, Baymak company offers 5 years guarantee to its air conditioners, as well as free installation service. On the other hand, you may experience difficulty depending on the city you live in at the service point. The service is a little bit of luck, but varies depending on the location you live in.
Price: Unlike models such as Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Daikin, the Baymak brand has much cheaper products. Considering the 5-year warranty, the Baymak brand is the best choice for consumers who use air conditioning.