No Sex Before Marriage

In the modern world, it is increasingly possible to observe how the requirements of Christianity come into conflict with what the world offers; society, culture, and a secular system of values. No sex before marriage is logical or not?

Sexuality is the sphere in which these contrasts are most acute and dramatic. Questions about chastity, loyalty, what is proper and what is not. And finally, the question of whether or not there is a sexual relationship before marriage becomes a real stumbling block for young Christians.

In today’s conversation, we will talk about this. Sex has become an indispensable part of the relationship between young people who are going to get married. Its absence often seems abnormal, strange, incomprehensible and definitely not necessary.

Why is This Happening?

Why is This Happening?

If we analyze the mass of information that modern culture offers us in one form or another in relation to sex, we can find something. In my opinion, one main slogan: sex is a meeting of two bodies. A Chain of physiological reactions designed to bring pleasure to partners and no more. From this point of view, it is really unclear why to deny you sex, observe chastity before marriage.

Christian anthropology tells us that man is a complex unity of body, soul, and spirit. In this capacity, he is constantly present in all areas of his life. What happens to our body affects the soul our emotions, desires, values and ultimately affects the spirit-disrupts or, conversely, strengthens our connection with God. To reduce a person solely to the body would be an excessive simplification.

Meeting of Two Bodies

The forum addresses the girl. She lived with a man without marriage for eight years. The relationship was not all cloudless and the girl left this man and started a relationship with another, with whom everything was fine and all the difficulties that were with her ex disappeared. It would seem that everything is good. But after a couple of months of a new relationship, the girl turns to psychologists to help her get rid of feelings for the first man. She misses him and feels guilty for leaving him.

This is one of the consequences of the myth “sex is the meeting of two bodies”. If there are only bodies, then sex doesn’t have any effect on our feelings and experiences: it does not involve any emotions, including regret from the breakup of the relationship. It really becomes “not a reason for Dating.” So, it is natural to change partners and not feel regret. It is normal to betray and change.

After all, our sexual relationships do not come between us and God, nor do they bring us closer to him they simply have nothing to do with our faith. It sounds so logical, and most importantly so simple and therefore-attractive! After all, if there are no feelings, if sex is “not a reason for Dating” then our relationship does not imply our responsibility! Not for yourself, not for your partner, not for our relationship with God.

Reason of No Sex Before Marriage

However, if you look more closely, it turns out that everything is not so simple. We claim that sex is only about the body but let’s look at the reasons why young people engage in sexual relationships before marriage, or even without the intention of getting married. Will the desire for pleasure that sex gives be among these reasons?

Yes, obviously it will. Especially for guys, because for girls, the sexual act does not always lead to orgasm. For this, girls need a sense of emotional connection with their partner, confidence and security. If you don’t read our last article about “Most Dangerous Cities in Europe” yet, you can read from here.


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