Don’t Let Things Taste Bad: How to Treat Mouth Ulcer?

Small white spots that look like cotton field in your mouth can hurt really bad although this looks like a sweet definition. Majority of people are complaining about this problem called mouth ulcer. Well, how can you treat mouth Ulcer? Here are simple recommendations…

Avoid hot, acidic and irritant food

Probably, you are having a hard time eating due to these small ulcers that are on your tongue, palate and gum. But we should warn you, there is no need to make things worse. You may need to avoid hot tea, acidic beverages, nuts and spices for a while.

“Do I have allergy?”

This might be one of the first questions you need to ask yourself. Mouth ulcers might be results of an allergic symptom. If you have consumed any product that caused an allergy, you might have reacted as mouth ulcer. You might have not noticed you had allergic reaction. Chocolate, nuts, tomato, lemon, milk… Think about it? Have you consumed one of those dangerous foods?

Everything is about your immune system!

One of the main reasons that causes mouth ulcers is weak immune system. Therefore, this problem is more common during winter. So, you better be careful about supplementing your immune systems and things that you eat during winter. Although it hurts a bit to eat when you have mouth ulcer, black mulberry might help you.

A bitter truth: Carbonate!

It sure hurts but it is a fact that carbonate helps reducing mouth ulcers. If you apply carbonate paste that is prepared with water on your mouth ulcer, you can speed up the healing.


Home remedies!

You can reduce mouth ulcers with basic ingredients at home. Adding half a spoon of slat into half a glass of water will be a good mouthwash to fight against mouth ulcers.

What if you don’t have these at home?

Let’s say you don’t want to deal neither with carbonate or salt. Or you might say that you don’t want anything but medicine. Or your mouth ulcer might be stubborn.  Then, you can consult to your doctor or pharmacist to choose among different solutions or creams. But you should not randomly use to avoid further problems.

Thing of other problems

These small treatments will generate positive results for mouth ulcers that are caused by lowered immune system, allergic reactions and physical trauma and often these ulcers will go away in a week without any treatment. But you should note that as in all other health problems, there might be underlying reasons for ulcers. If it takes a long time to treat your mouth ulcers or if scar tissue gets deeper, you need to consult to your doctor. You might have Behçet’s disease or stomach virus.


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