How to Stalk Someone on Social Media Without Getting Caught?

We all know that you are reading this to stalk an ex. It is okay. After a bumpy break-up, you may want to know what your ex is doing. You need some tricks for this. The most important trick is about how to stalk someone on social media without getting caught. Key point here is without getting caught. So, you need to spend some time to make the ultimate social media stalking plan.

Create a Fake Account

First, you need a fake account. We are thinking that your ex has unfollowed you like you did to him/her and turned his/her account settings to private. But you still want to see his/her posts. So, a fake account will help you in this process. Create an account that your ex would probably accept. Then, by using this account see what she/he is up to.

Go for Multiple Social Media Platforms

Never stalk on one social media platform. Always go for Facebook, Instagram and Twittter together. He or she might have changed his/her social media preferences. Stalking from all social media platforms will increase your chances to learn more about him/her.

Google Him/Her

This is the next stage of secret social media stalking. Do a quick Google search. You can also use a hidden tab if you don’t want to store your ex on your search history. Check all the photos and information you can find after this search. Google will give you all the information you need.

Find Family/Friend on Social Media

If your ex is not a frequent social media user, check his/her friends and family. You can find photos of him/her on their account. Also, you will learn what she/he has been up to.

Stalking on social media requires skills. When you follow these steps, you can learn everything you want about your ex. And most importantly, you will not get caught in this process.



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