ElvUI How to Install

ElvUI is super popular among hardcore World of Warcraft players. This user interface provides lots of opportunities to gamers. And WoW fans love this user interface as it enhances user experience. Also, ElvUI offers other options like customisation, configuration and upgrading. At first glance, it might seem a bit complex to download and install this UI. Once you read this guide, you will learn all you need to know about how to install and start this popular WoW UI.

How to Install ElvUI?

  1. Go to official download site

You need to visit the official ElvUI website, https://www.tukui.org/download.php?ui=elvui to download this add-on. Tukui is a WoW gaming community and you can find more than just the download link.

  1. Find Download Link; Find the download link and click download. Your download should start in few seconds.
  1. Unzip File Content; Once you download this UI, you need to unzip the files to start using on WoW.
  1. Open Wow and Start UI; After unzipping the files in the download file, you need to navigate and find WoW folder on your computer. Open WoW folder by right clicking and selecting open. After that, you need to open the interface folder. Next step is opening add-ons folder inside this interface folder.
  1. Copy Files; Go back to your downloaded and unzipped folder. Copy ElvUI and ElvUI_Config files.
  1. Paste Files; You need to paste ElvUI and ElvUI_Config files to Add-ons in the WoW folder.
  1. Launch WoW; You need to launch the game. Once the game is open, go to character selecting screen where you will see add-ons. Among these add-ons, you need to choose ElvUI option.
  1. Start Your Game; Once you complete all these steps, you can now start your game. Once you start the game, all options provided by this user interface will be visible. You can now enjoy your game and experience this new UI.


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