1- Nature’s Supreme Omega 3 1000 Mg 60 Capsule

Nature’s Supreme is one of the most preferred companies in recent years. Many supplements and vitamins are available on the sales site at this product’s best-selling product location. This product has 60 capsules. There are many benefits to the body of the product in terms of health.

Usage: It is recommended to use 1 tablet per day after eating. Because there are 60 capsules in it, the product is enough for you for 2 months and it has very low prices.

Almost all which should be in an omega 3 product with the advantages in the topics we will examine in detail the advantages of this product.

Advantages of this product

  • High omega 3 content: This product, which contains 620 mg Omega 3, 360 mg EPA and 260 mg DHA, has a good Omega 3 ratio compared to the equivalent products. The main reason for its preference is the high EPA and DHA content.
  • Patented raw material: Although the company provides all kinds of quality standards, all of the raw materials it uses in creating the product are patented and harmless in terms of human health.
  • Tested content quality: Since quality raw material is used during the production of the product and passed many tests successfully, it is advantageous for other products.
  • No smell in the stomach: One of the biggest problems of omega 3 is that it smells because it contains healthy fat. Due to the quality and formula used in the production process, this problem is not in Nature’s Supreme products.

In summary

Raw material quality produced by a quality company as well as the price is also suitable for a product that you can choose with ease of heart. On the other hand, the number of products that are sufficient for omega 3 is very low. Many people have been satisfied with this product because of the fact that its biggest competitor has pursued a high price policy for years.


2- Solgar Omega-3 950 mg 50 Capsule

Omega 3 products and vitamins are sold in England for many years. Founded in 1947, this brand is quite old, but it has the most brand awareness in the industry. This product, which has high prices since it was a monopoly before, produces very high-quality products at the point of quality. EPA and DHA values are higher than comparable products. The price of the product is 25$ and contains 50 capsules.

Usage: It is recommended to use 1 capsule per day after meals. The price of a capsule is less than 1$.

Advantages of this product

  • According to other omega 3 products, content and raw materials are more preferred for athletes in terms of quality.
  • Best Omega 3 Rates; 950 mg Omega 3, 504 mg EPA and 378 mg DHA, this product is preferred because of the high rate of Omega 3 is the value. The market contains far more Omega 3 ratios than its competitors.

In summary

Omega 3, EPA and DHA are very high compared to other products. Due to the price is not very preferred in the country.


3- New Life S-1200 + CoEnz QH Advantage Package

New life s products have entered our country in recent years. It is a company producing high quality products in vitamin and fish oil. The raw materials used by the company are of high quality, but they have quality standard approval in the forms used in the production.

Usage: It is recommended to use 1 piece per day and it contains 45 capsules.

Advantages of this product

High rate of Omega-3: The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 is very high, including 720 mg of omega-3, 264 mg of EPA and 60 mg of DHA. The rate of EPA and DHA is adequate for a normal person.

Formula and Triglyceride form: The formula used in this product with high raw material quality as described above has received approval from the quality control standards, i.e. IFOS. So that fish produced from the oils in triglyceride form in the natural environment, this product is both healthy and a lot more beneficial.

In summary

Although 1 capsule comes at a price above 1$, it is a completely natural and healthy product. It is a product that people who use this product for health should definitely prefer this product.

Omega 3 alone is not enough

Generally, only fish oil is not sufficient as a supplement. You will need to look at our best protein supplement article for protein supplements.


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