The Best Bicycle Models

Bicycle is a fun and necessary means of transportation that almost every person wants to get for sport or activity. Bicycle is also prominent with its features. How do bicycle enthusiasts find their own bike? What are the best bicycle brands? Here are the best and most preferred bicycle brands.



Founded in 2005, this brand aims to produce suitable models on the new train every year. This company is focused on R & D and concept studies and attracts attention with its high-quality products as well as sales and service stores. This brand is known for selling mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, children’s bicycle models at affordable prices according to many brands.


Merida is a company founded in Taiwan in 1972. Merida, which continued its services as an independent brand in 1988, successfully produces the models that are among the best quality bicycle brands and the models that are defined as “advanced racing machines” with the support it received from scientists at the German R & D center.



In 1972, the bicycle company was known to set off with the logic of “creating a better cycling experience worldwide” for people. This company is one of the most successful bicycle companies in the field of quality production and quality material use. Although this brand sometimes receives negative returns because of its high prices, it receives positive reviews from most people because of its lightweight but powerful carbon fiber materials.


Bianchi, known as the oldest bicycle brand in Italy since 1885, has been operating in Italy was established under the name of F. I.V. Edoardo Bianchi S.P.A. Based in Milan, this company produces urban bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and many more models. This brand, which is the choice of most people, still today known as one of the best brands in the world.


The Trek brand originating in America, which has very aesthetic lines, started production in 1976. More concentrated on mountain bikes, this brand has produced models suitable for all kinds of roads. The Trek brand, which attracts attention with its appearance, is among the best-selling bicycles.


The Best Bike Model in The World Called High End

  1. Pinarello
  2. Specialized (Sworks)
  3. Cannondale
  4. Giant
  5. Cervelo
  6. Scott
  7. Canyon
  8. Focus
  9. Merida
  10. Ridley


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