Points to Take Into Consideration Before Liposuction Turkey

Although liposuction is a common procedure, it is as important as all other surgeries and much as a risky operation. For this reason, there are some points that every person considering liposuction Turkey should pay attention to before the operation. These are:

  • Liposuction surgery can be risky for those with diabetes, heart, lung problems. That is why, you must informed to physician beforehand.
  • A thorough investigation of the clinic and the physician in which the operation will be conducted will ensure that people are protected from both loss of time and unsatisfactory results.
  • Since liposuction is a surgical operation, Experts should perform operation in the most hygienic conditions and operating room environment.
  • To obtain the desired results, the liposuction method and the technology to be applied should be questioned.
  • Preoperative patients must have stopped alcohol and cigarette consumption at least one month before the operation. These issues will affect the duration and condition of anesthesia.
  • Although it varies from clinic to clinic, the age restriction of men and women in the liposuction process is usually up to 45-50 age limit. Therefore, after obtaining approval from their physicians for the suitability of people over this age, other details should be considered.
  • Also, if you don’t want to affect psychologically negatively after liposuction, the function and results of the liposuction process should be learned correctly. It is not right to expect physically holistic weight loss results or to look at liposuction as an obesity treatment. That is why, incorrect information can disappoint people.

Liposuction Before and After

Vaser Liposuction Cost Turkey and Best Vaser Liposuction Clinics List

Dr. Kandulu liposuction turkey

1. Dr. Kandulu

Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu and his experienced team have accomplished many different operations. These are; Brazilian Butt Lift, Body Stretching Surgeries, Vaser Liposuction, Body Shaping Aesthetics, Aesthetics After Excess Weight Loss, Leg-abdomen-arm-butt Stretching and Shaping procedures and Hand Rejuvenation procedures. Also, he and his team can be considered as one of the institutions and physicians who have contributed the most to the development of aesthetic surgery.
Moreover, Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu’s articles have been published in many international journals. Also, his papers have been presented in scientific meetings and published in books.  In addition, there are more than 20 scientific meetings and educational backgrounds.
For a current and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, a physician pre-examination is important.
Liposuction cost: 3.000 $  – 12.000 $
Contact: 532 053 98 75 Besiktas/İstanbul

Dr. Naci Çelik liposuction turkey

2. Dr. Naci Celik

Op. Dr. Naci Çelik’s success in breast and nose aesthetics as well as body aesthetics. Op. Dr. Naci Celik has started to serve in our country since 2008 after the high-level specialization training and the long-lasting working period with the most famous experts in different countries of the world. 
His most preferred operations include liposuction, body stretching operations, liposculpture, breast surgeries, microsurgical applications and facial and aesthetic surgery operations.
Also, To determine the most up-to-date and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, physician pre-examination is important.
Liposuction cost: 3.500 $ – 8.000 $
Contact: 541 767 00 66 Sisli/İstanbul

dr. Erdem Güven liposuction turkey

3. Dr. Erdem Güven

After a long and high-level education in the United States, Assoc. Dr. Erdem Güven has been serving in our country since 2006. 
Güven is a world-renowned physician who has made presentations as a speaker at important congresses organized around the world. Also, has written dozens of articles in national and international journals and made speeches in national and international panels and also congresses.
Erdem, who is working at Maslak Acıbadem Hospital. He has performed numerous operations in the fields of chest and face aesthetics as well as body aesthetic procedures.
To determine the most up-to-date and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, a physician pre-examination is important.
Liposuction cost : 2.500 $ – 8.000 $
Contact: 0212 213 57 00 Besiktas/Istanbul

Dr. Leyla Arvas liposuction turkey

4. Dr. Leyla Arvas

Trained in the best microsurgical centers in the world, Op. Dr. Leyla Arvas attended many important pieces of training during her academic education. Also she participated in dozens of different congresses around the world. At the same time, she has been actively involved in professional work in Spain for a long time.
She has been practicing all the methods she has learned throughout her academic life in Turkey. These are body aesthetics, face and breast aesthetics, sagging and wrinkles, non-surgical aesthetic procedures and special operations for men.
Areas of expertise; Rhinoplasty, Face Lift Procedures, Eyelid Aesthetics, Body Shaping Procedures (Liposuction, Breast Shaping, and Lifting Procedures).
To determine the most up-to-date and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, a physician pre-examination is important.
Liposuction cost : 4.000 $ – 10.000 $
Contact: 0212 241 46 246 Sisli/Istanbul

Dr. Bülent Cihantimur liposuction turkey

5. Dr. Bülent Cihantimur

Also known as Doctor B, Dr. Cihantimur is a specialist in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery in the world known for his scientific background and innovative works.
Dr. Cihantimur developed many techniques. He has made a name for himself especially in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East. These are:

  • Cihantimur Fat Transfer System,
  • Non-Surgical Treatment of Trigger Finger,
  • Spider Web Aesthetics,
  • Genital Beautification,
  • Rope Grab Ear Aesthetics,
  • Simple Nose Aesthetics,
  • Organic Hair Transplantation,
  • Leg Beautification

To determine the most up-to-date and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, a physician pre-examination is important.
Liposuction prices: 6.000 $ – 15.000 $
Contact: 444 7707 Sisli/Istanbul

6. Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu

During his academic studies, Haytoğlu specialized in the USA and also participated in important researches. He has worked together with important surgeons and has ECFMG certificate.
Op. Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu, has been conducting Liposuction, Body Aesthetics, Body Shaping, leg, abdomen, butt aesthetics, and body stretching operations in Turkey for a long time. 
To determine the most up-to-date and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, a physician pre-examination is important.

7. Dr. İlker Manavbaşı

During his academic life, he worked in different countries around the world. Also, Op. Dr. Manavbaşı has worked with the most famous plastic surgeons of our country and the world. 
His areas of expertise include aesthetic nose surgeries, deep layer facelifts, breast prosthesis, eye contour rejuvenation surgeries, mega-liposuction (more than 5 liters) and butt shaping.
Op. Dr. Manavbaşı presented his techniques in symposiums abroad and published in the world’s leading aesthetic surgery magazines.  
To determine the most up-to-date and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, a physician pre-examination is important.

8. Dr. Arif Eroğlu

He has received training and practices in important fields such as Medical Skin and Laser Lipolysis abroad. Since 2003, Arif Eroğlu has been continuing his professional development by attending many national and international congresses and training. He has also trained many surgeons and physicians on Laser Applications.
He continues to serve his patients since 2003 with aesthetic and plastic operations, laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency assisted aesthetic surgery and dermatocosmetic, 3D Laser, Lipolysis, Body Aesthetics, Breast Aesthetics, Facial Aesthetics, and Hair Transplant procedures, as well as applications such as filling and endopeel.
To determine the most up-to-date and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, a physician pre-examination is important.

9. Dr. Cemal Şenyuva

After receiving the title of Professor of Plastic Surgery in the last stage of his academic life and his work in medical faculties in our country. He is currently working as a freelance physician in his clinic in Istanbul. Dr. Cemal Şenyuva continues to make national and international speeches and presentations and giving training.
Professor Dr. Cemal Şenyuva is an expert in ultrasonic liposuction surgery. By the way, he provides services on nose aesthetics, breast aesthetics, Hi-Def Vaser, body lift, facial rejuvenation, eyelid aesthetics, lip plumping, skin rejuvenation, and hair transplantation.
To determine the most up-to-date and accurate price for liposuction Turkey, a physician pre-examination is important.

Celebrities Who Had Liposuction

Today’s understanding of beauty has influenced every people different and with increasing acceleration, it is different in almost every household. The increasing speed of life, stress, and the fact that people can spend less and less time on their own and their needs make the external rejuvenation and beautification interventions even more necessary.
This can be a big problem when it comes to people in front of the media. That is why many celebrities have preferred to invest time and money to achieve the perfect body in this way since surgical and medical procedures began so popular. Most Known Hollywood Stars: In addition to Kate Winslet, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, Uma Thurman, Ryan Gosling,

What to Consider After Liposuction

What to consider after liposuction may vary depending on the type of fat removal process, the properties of the devices used, and the method. However, after liposuction, every patient should pay attention to these certain points:

  • You Should Walk Against the Risk of Embolism: Against embolism, which means abrupt occlusion of a pulmonary artery, patients need to walk after surgery. If the patient was under local anesthesia, he should try to walk immediately after the operation. But, if he/she was under general anesthesia, he/she should try to walk immediately after 1 hour.
  • Be Careful About Dizziness: If a big amount of fat has been removed with liposuction operation, postoperative patients may experience transient dizziness, fatigue or dizziness for 1 to 7 days. In this case, patients should take plenty of fluids and pay attention to their nutrition.
  • Use of Corsets Should Not Be Left Undone: Edema and transient swelling may occur after liposuction. That is why, patients should not be remove corset except for bathing for a few weeks after surgery.
  • Pay Attention to What You Do: Waiting for at least 1 month after the operation to ensure that the body heals completely before starting to heavy sports or extremely strenuous activity is important. Also, alcohol and cigarette use should be taken into consideration for rapid healing and they must fully comply with the warnings and recommendations of the physician.
  • Nutrition is Important: It is recommended that patients consume fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, walnuts, nuts, dried legumes, cereals, meat (low-fat protein source), poultry, milk, and dairy products.

How is Liposuction Performed?

If liposuction is to be performed with conventional methods, small incisions of 1-2 mm are opened in the area where the procedure will be performed and stubborn fat is melted by using special methods. Moreover, melted and disintegrated fat is vacuumed with the use of injectors or fine cannulas.
If advanced liposuction is to be performed, high-energy sound waves are sent to the operation site. In this way, the water balloons between the fat cells are removed.

Where is liposuction be performed?

  • Double Chin
  • Back of Neck
  • Bottom of Upper Arms
  • Female Breasts
  • Outer Thighs or Saddlebags
  • Bra Strap Area
  • Abdomen or Belly Pooch
  • Muffin Top
  • Love Handles
  • Male Breasts

Edema After Liposuction and Corset Use

Since fat tissue is removed during the fat removal process, a new skin tissue must be formed in this area and must adapt to the surgical area. At this stage, naturally, swelling may occur in the body. Therefore, patients should wear special corset immediately after the surgery. This corset puts pressure on the skin to remove the edema in the operation area. However, corsets should be used without interruption for the period recommended by the physician. If you stop to use corset, you must certainly give information the physician.

Disadvantages of Liposuction

Liposuction method can only adversely affect a person’s physical (and mental) health when applied outside the specified conditions. To eliminate them, the following should be considered:

  • If we look at the situations where liposuction result is not good, we can talk about the operations performed by non-experts with insufficient knowledge and experience. Also,the first thing an experienced physician should determine before a liposuction procedure is exactly how much fat should be taken from the area. If excessive or insufficient fat is taken, this will affect either the person’s health or psychology.
  • The risk of liposuction is the same as that of all other surgical procedures. So there is a certain risk. However, to protect themselves from risk as much as possible, patients should carefully select the clinic and physician they want to have liposuction. That is why, it will be useful to do good research and to choose physicians and clinics with the most positive references.
  • On the other hand, patients should be aware that liposuction is not a holistic slimming process, but an operation for removing local and stubborn fat only. If this operation is preferred with an exaggerated expectation, the results may turn into a process in which people are adversely affected.


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