Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey

Baldness, which is one of the biggest aesthetic problems for men, has become a problem that can be solved by hair transplantation. However, it may be pretty difficult to choose the best hair transplantation clinic. We tried to list the best hair transplantation clinics of Turkey subjectively as possible. Many people are in search of making the best decision possible when it comes to hair transplantation. We did a research on customer satisfaction surveys and customer comments on boards regarding the best hair transplantation clinics of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Samsun, and made it easier for our precious readers to choose the best clinic.

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

1- Kandulu Hair Transplant Clinic

Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist Dr. Kandulu has performed many nose, breast, and body aesthetic surgeries in addition to his very successful hair transplantations since 2008.    He not only serves as a doctor but also as a lecturer and represents our country by training surgeons from all around the world. Every year he offers training on aesthetics for many doctors coming from countries such as Dubai, United Kingdom, Egypt.  We could not expect less, as he is using his aesthetic profession on hair transplantation to get perfect results.
Hair transplantation costs: 1.400€ – 2.500€
Contact Info: +90 542 537 50 10  Besiktas/Istanbul

hermes hair clinic2- Hermes Hair Transplant Clinic

The clinic has been performing hair transplantations since 2001. And for a long period of time, it has accepted patients only from Europe, thus became a popular and well-known hair transplant clinic. The custom-built slit that designed in Germany allows up to %99 success rate for planted grafts. That slit is reputed to be more efficient than the ones used in DHI, Sapphire and Perkutan techniques. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach further information about the mentioned slit, but when we look at the results of it, we see perfect hair transplantations. It is the most preferred clinic for patients from Germany, Belgium and United Kingdom. Our researches conclude that there isn’t a single unsatisfied person who got their hair transplantation here. We would like to emphasize that it is extremely hard to find a complaint free hair transplantation clinic.
Hair transplantation costs: 1.300€ – 1.800€
Contact Info: +90 534 644 1515 Atasehir / Istanbul

3- ASMED Hair – Dr. Koray Erdogan

Managed by Koray Erdogan, ASMED, the most famous hair transplantation clinic of Turkey, offers professional solutions for hair transplantation. Koray Erdogan is one of the leading names of the world in the field of hair transplantation. He is also giving lectures in many countries abroad. It is widely known that ASMED hair is selective when choosing patients in scope of quality results. Serving at many different locations in the world, ASMED hair performed thousands of hair transplantation operations. As the clinic’s service cost is much more expensive, not all people are able to use it. That is why we put it on 2nd place on the list. Charges 3.5 Euro per graft.
Hair transplantation costs: 3.500€ – 15.000€
Contact Info: +90 216 464 11 11 Atasehir/Istanbul

4- Dr. Keser Hair Transplant Center

In hair transplantation, especially vertex (the upper back area with circular hair structure), he offers very successful aesthetic solutions and provides a great customer satisfaction. For the Dr. Muttalip Keser, we can say Ankara’s best hair transplantation center. The friendly physician, who is preferred by people in need of hair transplantation in Turkey and abroad, serves for the treatment guest worker. Muttalip Keser’s hair transplantation is good for some people and it is bad for some people as well. Muttalip Keser divided hair transplantation into 3-4 days. The reason is not to damage the donor area. Many people who want to get successful results in hair transplantation center successfully apply hair transplantation solutions. By serving foreign patients, hair transplantation is provided with facilities about medical tourism. It costs 2.5 euros per graft.

Prices of hair transplantation: 3.500 € – 12.000 €
Contact information: +90 505 467 08 42      Cankaya/Ankara

5- Jale Senyurt Hair Transplant Center

Other than Vertex problems, Jale Senyurt performs very successful hair transplantation in the front and upper areas and is also one of the best hair transplantation specialists we recommend. Jale Senyurt, which makes the patients happy by achieving successful results when it comes to hair transplantation, provides a service that satisfies many of its customers. The people who want to have hair transplantation by examining the hair to be added to the area to be filled with the right hair line is provided. As a hair transplantation center, you can prefer to solve your hair problems in a short time with this company.

Prices of hair transplantation: 1.800 € – 2.400 €
Contact information: +90 312 425 20 05 Cankaya/Ankara

6-Isvec Clinic

The clinic, which also serves in the branches of England, Germany and Turkey, addresses a very large audience in these three countries. Isvec Klinik is the first clinic to come to mind for many people in recent years when it is called Aesthetic Center. The clinic provides many conveniences and also serves in the field of health tourism.

Prices of hair transplantation: 1.600 € – 2.700 €
Contact information: +90 212 215 5535     Sisli/

7- Hayati Akbas – FBM Medical Center

There are many clinics in Samsun for hair transplantation. However, many people in the Black Sea region prefer FBM Medical Center for hair transplantation. The clinic, in which men are particularly interested, produces successful results in hair transplantation. The center, which also serves in issues such as nose and breast aesthetics, is the first choice of many people. Hayati Akbas and his staff have yielded very satisfying results.

Prices of hair transplantation: 2.000 € – 3.500 €
Contact information: +90 530 762 70 02     Atakum/Samsun

8- Acibadem Hospital Hair Transplant

The Acıbadem group, which has a very common name in the health sector, works with professional aesthetic doctors for those who want to have hair transplantation. The group producing the right solutions for hair transplantation and working with international experts. Acıbadem group, which can be consulted to perform hair transplantation in many parts of Turkey, carries out successful studies with Aesthetic Surgeons.

Prices of hair transplantation: 2.000 € – 4.000 €
Contact information: +90 212 414 44 44     Istanbul

9- Arenamed

The clinic, where experts are well aware of the value of providing special services to the person in hair transplantation, provides services knowing the importance of team work in hair transplantation. Arenamed team, which has been increasing the confidence of many people for many years and solving the problem of baldness, provides individualized hair design with different hair lines and offers permanent solutions with the right applications.

Prices of hair transplantation: 1.500 € – 2.600 €
Contact information: +90 534 073 11 35    Acibadem/Istanbul

10. Clinic Hair

Since the first day, clinic hair has been performing hair transplantation operations focused on patient satisfaction. Besides domestic patients, it has been providing services to patients from abroad such as Germany, England, Iraq and Sudan since 2001. The clinic has a staff of 25 people and has translators for foreign guests.

Prices of hair transplantation: 1.700 € – 2.000 €
Contact information: +90 232 343 25 85   Bayrakli/Izmir

Considerations for Choosing the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

When you choose your hair transplant center, you can safely expect the result of the application. For this, it is very important that you act cautiously in some matters. For example, you can learn about the hair transplant center selection and the issues that require you to have hair transplantation.

  • If you have hair transplantation before your hair is completely lost, you may get more successful results,
  • The experience of the physician is important for choosing the right method for hair transplantation,
  • You can examine the patient experience of the center you are going to undergo hair transplantation,
  • It may be in a hurry to wait for quick solutions after hair transplantation,
  • The process of hair growth varies according to person in person, affects the success of hair transplantation in a positive way,
  • Hair transplantation can be done not only in men but also in women,
  • Many alternative hair transplantation methods that will provide a solution in hair transplantation are implemented with FUE technique,
  • Those who are determined to apply hair transplantation may consult several centers,
  • Choosing the right hair transplantation method will ensure a permanent result for many years,
  • The equipment required for hair transplantation, hygiene and safety at the application center will guide you in choosing the clinic,
  • Searching on hair transplantation prices will make your job easier. It will also allow you to choose according to your budget.

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Hair transplantation prices are calculated according to the strand. In each center, there is an average quantity, although different prices are concerned. It is recommended that you get an offer from the hair transplantation center to learn more about hair transplantation prices. In order to determine the price, the level of graft needed for hair transplantation is determined first. So, the price that is to be offered for everyone is different.

Although the price of hair transplantation may seem higher in big cities, it is actually more economical in terms of price. Because, in terms of health tourism, hair transplantation prices you need are determined as concept. Accommodation costs and hospital expenses are included in this fee.

Many people who come from abroad prefer clinics where they can always get answers in order to clarify the issues, they are interested in about hair transplantation. Therefore, clinical selection is very important because it is a determining factor in cost and other issues.

Who Is Suitable for Hair Transplantation?

Many people are not ideal candidates for hair transplantation since it is vital to determine the places to be taken to the hair and to choose the hair that will be used as a donor. It is important to take the donor hair correctly, and then the hair transplantation should be done successfully. People with very little hair may not be suitable for hair transplantation. Therefore, it is important to obtain information from several centers and make the right decision about hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is also preferred by women. This is why it is possible to evaluate alternatives such as hair growth, prevention of male-pattern hair loss and eyebrow transplantation. It may be possible to make the hair look abundant and beautiful by making the right applications.



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