Especially during the summer months air conditioning is one of the most needed household items. On the other hand, many people are warming up with air conditioners in winter and do not use natural gas or other heating methods. If you live in small houses like 1+0 or 1+1, thanks to the inverter and top-level energy-saving air conditioners, air conditioners are very advantageous to warm up and cool off.

For these reasons, the most common problem is which brand and model should be preferred. In this article we investigated the best air conditioning brands and the advantages of these brands for you.


3- Mitsubishi Electric Brand

Although Mitsubishi company first comes to mind Car and automotive, this company is a multi-partnership, global and operates in many different sectors. Under the name of Mitsubishi Electric, the air conditioners of the company that sells air conditioners and many electrical appliances are stated to have the best quality air conditioners by many experts in the sector for years.

Advantages of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

  • Price: The most important factor when buying air conditioning for many people is price. Although Mitsubishi air conditioners are expensive in price, they are not the products that have deteriorated or malfunction in 2-3 years like other air conditioners. You can use it for a long time if used well and assembled. Mitsubishi air conditioners are expensive in the short term but very convenient in the long term.
  • Energy: Mitsubishi is one of the most advanced air conditioning companies in the field and is the pioneer of technologies such as Inverter and Super Inverter.
  • Montage: There are very good comments about the installation teams of the authorized services of the company that started operating in the country in 2012. Although there are some bad comments, these comments are relatively small compared to other companies.

In general, Japanese air conditioning brands are quite superior compared to other companies. There is an obvious superiority of the Japanese in this area. Companies such as Daikin, Toshiba and Mitsubishi are 1-0 ahead in terms of technology compared to other European goods.

The point is, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy brands do not mix. Your preference could be Mitsubishi Electric, which is the brand we describe in this article.


2- Daikin Brand

Daikin, a Japan-based company, is one of the largest and most comprehensive research and development facilities in the world. The company, which is the pioneer of many inventions and inventions in air conditioning, is the pioneer of package type air conditioning and pump. The company, which dominates Europe, Asia and the Middle East markets, has come to in the country in 2011.

Advantages of Daikin Brand

  • Technical specifications: We mentioned how good Japanese companies are in the air conditioning and cooling industry. In addition to be a Japanese company in Daikin, it is one of the top-quality brands in air conditioners in technical and technological matters. In particular, the company, one of the pioneers of inverter technology, was introduced to this technology 1-2 years ago from some companies. If you compare with other air conditioning brands, you can easily see how superior Daikin models are.
  • Sound: Although many companies claim to be good in this area, Daikin air conditioners are one of the best air conditioners in terms of sound. When comparing sound with other brands, it is measured that it produces 5 or even 10 decibels less sound. If you intend to run air conditioning continuously, the subject of the sound is very important and at this point you should prefer the brand Daikin.
  • Design: One of the most important advantages of Daikin air conditioners is their design. For those who care about shape or want to use air conditioning as an accessory, the Daikin brand is launching 1 or 2 products with enormous designs every year.


1- Baymak Brand

Baymak, which is a Turkish brand that is the best air conditioner brand of our list, was established in 1967. In the following years, Baymak has been acquired by a Dutch company and is a pioneer of inventions such as floor heating and water heater. Many models of the firm, which has been progressing with certain steps in cooling and air conditioning sector for years, are sold in the country.

Advantages of Baymak

  • Electricity consumption: Baymak air conditioners are often featured with electricity consumption. According to many models, Baymak products consume much less electricity and do not upset you at the point of invoice. Especially inverter models are much more advantageous because they do not consume electricity continuously.
  • Sound: One of the most important problems of air conditioners is loud operation of some. Although the external units of the Baymak air conditioners work with sound, the interior unit, in other words, the remaining part of the room works quite quietly.
  • Guarantee and service: Baymak company has Service at many points. Since it is a company that constantly supervises its services, it is much better for other companies. Also, as a guarantee, Baymak company offers 5 years guarantee to its air conditioners, as well as free installation service. On the other hand, you may experience difficulty depending on the city you live in at the service point. The service is a little bit of luck, but varies depending on the location you live in.

Price: Unlike models such as Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Daikin, the Baymak brand has much cheaper products. Considering the 5-year warranty, the Baymak brand is the best choice for consumers who use air conditioning.


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